The Diabolik movie, the comic book that became reality

Eagerly awaited for years, finally in 2021 Diabolik was released, the film by Manetti Bros, directors already famous for the series of the Ispettore Coliandro, produced in collaboration with Astorina .

The presence behind the scenes of the publishing house was fundamental to guarantee the film adherence to the stories of the King of Terror and total respect for the characters, something that had not happened either in the animated version of the nineties or even in the beautiful film by Mario Bava in 1968.

What moves on the screen, therefore, interpreted by Luca Marinelli, is precisely the character of the comic, as if it had come out of the first stories written by Angela and Luciana Giussani. The magnetic gaze is the same, as well as the theatrical poses and complicated plans to explain in detail to the viewer. Tommaso Mastandrea and Miriam Leone are perfect incarnations of Inspector Ginko and Eva Kant as they have not been seen before on screen.

The story draws from the first issues of the series, in particular from the third, The Arrest of Diabolik, in which the thief and the future girlfriend and accomplice meet. Of that story the screenwriters take up the story of the Pink Diamond of the Kant family, which Diabolik wants to steal, but also the figure of his first companion Elisabeth Gay, who betrays him and reports him to the police when he discovers his secret identity.

With a base so solidly rooted in the origins of the character, the Manetti write and direct a real tribute to the King of Terror, able to excite film viewers and at the same time to respect him in depth, re-proposing on the screen what readers find every month in the comic strips.


Year: 2021

Duration: 133 minutes

Director: Manetti Bros (Antonio and Marco Manetti)

Subject: Manetti Bros, Michelangelo La Neve and Mario Gomboli, from the characters of Angela and Luciana Giussani

Screenplay: Manetti Bros and Michelangelo La Neve

Producers: Manetti Bros and Carlo Macchitella

Music: Aldo De Scalzi and Pivio

Cast: Luca Marinelli, Miriam Leone, Valerio Mastandrea, Claudia Gerini, Alessandro Roja, Serena Rossi

In case of rain the screening will take place at the Teatro degli Atti.

The program 2022

Event location and date

07/15/2022 from 21:30 to 23:45
Court of the Augustinians
Via Cairoli n. 40
47923 Rimini


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