Scombussolo Giochi per Tutti (Scombussolo Games for everybody) is a van loaded with games and equipment that allows children and adults to play, build, invent, have fun, challenge themselves, jump… in one world: get involved.

It is a large traveling container, capable of transforming squares, courtyards, gardens, neighborhoods and streets into a play and fun space for everyone.

Scombussolo  brings the game everywhere and to everyone. The games offered are simple, with few rules and immediately playable by everyone.

The activity of Scombussolo Giochi per Tutti is free and everyone can take part: children, families, young people and adults.

The space will be set up with games and play equipment suitable for children and adults aged 5 and over, most of the games are non-available on the market.

The program 2022

Event location and date

from 15 to 16 July from 18:00 to 21:00
The square on the water and the Tiberius Bridge
Viale Tiberio, 1
47921 Rimini


Free full admission
Free reduced admission

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