miwa cover band

Miwa cartoon rock party

Work hard… party harder, the new energy power show, at the limit of physical endurance.

They have revolutionized our super stage rock show, transforming it into a real… Party!

Yes, because people want energy and fun now more than ever and the Miwa are ready to give it without sparing themselves. But this time they asked for reinforcements: together with the production of Sound Level, they bring to the square a show at the highest professional level; a team of entertainment professionals has transformed the stage into a real party-stage, where in almost two hours of pure delirium anything can happen, plays of lights and lasers, cold fountains, screaming sets, giant balls and confetti everywhere, dancing without pause, without breath!

If you resist until the end of the show, you deserved… a free oxygen tank!

Have you understood that this format is perfect for a party where the public wants to go wild?

The program 2022

Event location and date

07/14/2022 from 22:00 to 00:00
Piazzale Federico Fellini
via Saint Maur de Fosses
47921 Rimini


Free full admission
Free reduced admission

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