The Band performs a live repertoire taken from the theme songs of the 80s cartoons. All this without forgetting some more recent themes of films and TV series which marked our memories.

They know how to entertain the public by making them take part to the show, joking with them, imitating the voices of cartoon characters… don’t miss Tigerman’s falsetto “little voices”!

The group

• Goku (Stefano) Drums and percussion

• Goemon (Raffaele “Kappa”) Accompaniment acoustic guitar and choirs

• Capitan Harlock (Marco) Solo guitar and choirs

• Tigerman (Paolo) Solo voice

• Carletto (Carlo) Electric bass

• Lady Oscar (Helga) Solo voice

• Spiderman (Piersante) Keyboards and choirs

The program 2022

Event location and date

07/17/2022 from 21:00 to 00:00
The square on the water and the Tiberius Bridge
Viale Tiberio, 1
47921 Rimini


Free admission

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