DinsiemE are YouTubers Erick and Dominick, two guys from Palermo who became famous YouTubers thanks to their funny videos and hit songs like Estate Perfetta and Non prende il Cell.

Their real names are Enrico Parisi and Dominick Alaimo. They are a couple on YouTube but also in real life.

With their fresh videos and their funny challenges, they managed to gain many followers in a short time.

They create the great family of the Dinsiemini, as the fans of the couple are called.

Erick and Dominick release a new video every day at 2.30pm and Sunday at 12.30pm.

The DinsiemE are also very active on social networks with a very popular couple TikTok profile and personal pages with their names and surnames on Instagram.

Their channel currently gathers more than a million subscribers and is aimed at an audience of children and teenagers aged 5 to 10.

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