Cosplay Grand Tour by Riot Games

Riot Games is pleased to announce the Cosplay Grand Tour by Riot Games 2024, a new project dedicated to all Italian cosplayers and lovers of Riot Games titles. Developed in several stages, each characterized by a unique theme, which will not be binding for the choice of costumes, the tour will parade on the stages of the main Italian festivals dedicated to pop culture.

The tour is open to everyone and participation is free, all categories related to the world of Riot Games will be valid, including “Original” costumes, designed in the likeness of a character from the world of Riot Games in an original key, also alternative aspects of both League of Legends and VALORANT will be allowed.

It is possible to pre-register through the dedicated form available at this link. Registration must then be confirmed on site.

Exceptional ambassador will be Taryn, an internationally renowned cosplayer who has always been close to the Riot Games universe. The stages of the tour will be coordinated by CLIC – Community of League of Legends Italian Cosplayers – and presented by Icon Stitch, professional cosplayer and creator of the project.

From time to time, the Grand Tour jury will be composed of important personalities from the Riot Games world, as well as professional cosplayers, who will evaluate the competing cosplayers in the following categories:

  • Best Interpretation
  • Best Armor/Prop
  • Best Tailoring
  • Community Award
  • Best Overall Costume

The best overall costume of each stage will have access to the Lucca Comics & Games grand final, for which each winner is required to create an original Arcane-themed costume – the television series inspired by League of Legends, funded by Riot Games.

The winners of each category will also receive signature shots and special Riot Games giveaways.

The Tour will kick off on April 28, 2024 during the Napoli COMICON, a festival that attracts over 150 thousand people to the Campania capital every year and has become a regular stop for Riot Games fans in Italy over the years. The event will be held at the Music Dojo from 13:30 to 15:00, while pre-registration must be confirmed on the morning of the event at the Kc Group stand, located in Hall 10. The theme of this first appointment will be the new VALORANT Agent: Clove. The latest addition to Riot Games’ tactical shooter squad, Scottish Agent Clove is the newest addition to the Tacticians’ roster. To make up the jury and decree the winners of this first stage will be Miss Kuruta, Maki Eraclea and Valery.606.

The Tour will then continue through the boot touching some of the main Italian festivals such as Falcomics, Etna Comics (presented by Zeronikib and organized by CS Italia A.S.D.) and Riminicomix, up to the final stage that will take place during the 2024 edition of Lucca Comics & Games.

For all the details and the complete rules of the Cosplay Grand Tour by Riot Games, visit: this link.

More details on the next stages, festivals and themes will be revealed soon, we are waiting for you to give life to the best cosplay tour ever!

About Riot Games

Riot Games was founded in 2006 with the goal of developing, publishing, and supporting games that put as much emphasis on players as possible. In 2009, Riot launched its debut title, League of Legends, which was a worldwide success. LoL has quickly become the most played title on PC, as well as one of the determining factors in the explosive growth of esports. As League enters its second decade, Riot continues to evolve while designing new experiences for players with Teamfight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra, VALORANT, League of Legends: Wild Rift, and other titles in development, all while continuing to explore the Runeterra universe through multimedia projects spanning music,  comics, television and much more. Founded by Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill, and led by CEO Nicolo Laurent, Riot Games is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, and has over 3000 Rioters in more than 20 locations around the world.

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The program 2024

Event location and date

07/21/2024 from 17:00 to 19:00
Piazzale Federico Fellini
via Saint Maur de Fosses
47921 Rimini


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