The Combriccola dei Lillipuziani (gang of Lilliputians) is made up of Matteo Giorgetti (graduated in Neweau Cirque at the A.G. Garrone theater school in Bologna and graduated as an illusionist magician at the Sammarinese Academy of Magical Art) and Emanuele Tumolo (Philippe Radice School of Physical Theater in Turin and graduated in disciplines of live entertainment at the DAMS in Bologna).

They are united by a passion for clowning, street theater, the new circus and a sense of the ironic and irreverent comic.

The duo is characterized by its versatility, the ability to improvise with the public, and the desire to get involved that leads them to include different disciplines in their shows, they tailor them to different situations and to an audience of all ages, they also look for new ideas and collaborations.

Over the years, the Combriccola dei Lillipuziani has given life to numerous productions of its own such as: medieval jester shows and other shows related to magic and theater, children’s theater shows that combine circus and illusionistic disciplines with prose theater.

The program 2022

Event location and date

from 15 to 16 July from 18:00 to 21:00
The square on the water and the Tiberius Bridge
Viale Tiberio, 1
47921 Rimini


Free full admission
Free reduced admission

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