With Patricia Martinelli, Laura Scarpa, Giulia Francesca Massaglia, Mabel Morri. Moderator Valentina De Poli.

Comics, until a few years ago, was an almost entirely male world.

Among the few exceptions, the Giussani sisters, creators of Diabolik, and Patricia Martinelli, screenwriter and editorial director, who has long been their right-hand man.

But how has the situation changed in recent decades? Have we finally achieved gender equality? Will we ever get there? And what are the difficulties that a girl who wants to make comics still has to overcome today?

Together with Martinelli, Laura Scarpa, author and publisher of Comicout, Mabel Morri, author of the graphic novels Il giorno più bello and Hai mai notato la forma delle mele, the designer of Diabolik and Dylan Dog Giulia Francesca Massaglia, bring their experiences.

To interview them, Valentina De Poli, long-time director of Topolino, who dedicated an important chapter of her recent book Un’educazione paperopolese to the issue of gender in the weekly.

The program 2022

Event location and date

07/15/2022 from 19:00 to 20:00
Palazzo Del Turismo – Palazzina Roma
Piazzale Federico Fellini n. 3
47921 Rimini


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