SkyForge Sabers was born in 2015 in a garage, from a dream that we all have in the drawer: to own a real Lightsaber!

After months and months of tests, successes, failures, tears and a lot of determination, the dream came true and, from a purely personal hobby, thanks to the encouragement of many friends, the company was officially founded on September 4, 2016. In a few months, the media became interested in our work and thanks to the feedback collected and new collaborations with mechanical and electronic companies we launched a completely new concept of combat lightsaber on the Italian market; Lightweight, handy and ultra-durable aeronautical aluminum handles, custom-made electronics that can withstand high stresses and advanced light sources.

Now SkyForge Sabers boasts a dozen collaborations among the most numerous lightsaber fighting associations in Italy and our name is esteemed throughout Europe.

Thanks to the new laboratory we have expanded and improved our creations even more and we have added 2 new categories of lightsabers: the Collector’s Edition which brings together all the replicas of the lightsabers from the Star Wars universe, for the most demanding fans and the 4Fun Line which includes lightsabers with enhanced finishes and electronics, to increase the user experience.

In addition, in 2024 we opened the first lightsaber showroom/shop in Europe, where you can touch the quality of our products and where you will also find exclusives not present online.


Workshop & Shop: Via Villa, 255 – 30010 – Campolongo Maggiore (VE)

Phone 351.8100058