I was born in 1988 in a small Ligurian village, I spent my adolescence among many films and fantasy books, I graduated in art with a specialization in pictorial decoration back in 2014.

After exploring different artistic techniques, I dedicated myself to fantasy modeling and the creation of collectibles and gadgets for lovers of role-playing and board games, also given the increasing number of enthusiasts looking for special, exclusive and above all personalized products, which stand out for quality and refinement.

My totally artisanal approach to the processes formed by modeling clays, two-component resins and specific materials for scenic and modeling projects, allows me to offer unique products, never the same to each other, through which I want to take those who approach my works into a magical world full of curious objects and fantastic creatures, like the most classic of haunted workshops.

Cross the threshold and let yourself be enchanted…


Instagram www.instagram.com/alkymnia
Sito www.signofwitch.etsy.com
Email signofwitch@libero.it alkymnia@gmail.com