Logo Scuola Fumetto Rimini

The Rimini School of Comics is a well-established reality and has been present in the city for several years.

The school, which starts in September and ends at the end of May, hosts several courses. Students from 9 to 12 years old attend the Junior course, while for the older ones there is the possibility of the Manga course or alternatively the Comics and Illustration course.

It is a training course on drawing and comics techniques, an articulated path that aims to stimulate creativity and educate the passion of students, educate the development of young talents, up to a professional training that provides the tools capable of responding to both national and international editorial needs.

For more information on the features of the courses, you can consult the www.scuoladifumettorimini.it website or www.scuoladimanga.it or send an email to scuoladifumetto@gmail.com.