Also this year Sancio Cart awaits you at its Riminicomix stand with its One Piece-themed handicrafts and the chance to win many fantastic anime and manga-themed prizes.

There will be homemade granitas and devil fruit salads, two products made exclusively with fresh fruit perfect for a light, genuine and refreshing snack. In addition, to add a little liveliness, we will prepare the alcoholic version granitas, a novelty designed to make you try a fresh aperitif with an innovative taste! In addition, with the sole purchase of our products you will have the opportunity to fish from our treasure chest to try to win one of the anime and manga-themed prizes that will be displayed in our showcase. Come and discover them all, we are waiting for you!

And remember: My treasure…? If you want it, it’s yours… Look for it! I left everything in a certain place. (Gol D. Roger)


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