Freelance cartoonist and illustrator born in ’93, I landed in self-production in 2019.

In addition to having participated in small productions through collectives of artists, both for publishing houses and for self-produced groups, my real first step into the world of publishing was made by making Il numero chiamato non è raggiungibile, a self-contained BL comic of 170 color pages for Editoriale Cosmo-Mizar.

I prefer stories from the romance, boys’ love and fantasy genres, and with this theme I am currently creating a series consisting of a total of 4/5 volumes: [AB]Normal. A comic born on Webtoon, which currently has more than 50 thousand subscribers on the platform, where the stories of three pairs of characters set in a world where various races of demons, taken from multiple mythologies, live with all their problems.

The first volume was released in March 2023, the second volume is ongoing.

In the past, I’ve also made an artbook (in which the protagonists of [AB]Normal were born) with the deliberately joking title of #nohomo. A collection of illustrations in which misunderstood scenes are depicted, to get a laugh out of the reader.

Along with my original works, I also dabble in producing illustrations and gadgets dedicated to other media.

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