Marisa Salatino was born in Bari on July 26, 1992. In January 2018 he began writing an entire saga, entitled The Chronicles of Florens. The same year, she enrolled in the three-year Grafite comics school, and a year after finishing her studies, Tora Edizioni began to serialize Florens, which is currently in progress.

She is now working on other projects, including a manga, to be released in fall 2024.

Gaia Cesarano, also known as Gaia Freezeyes on social media, lives in Rome and holds a master’s degree in Illustration and a three-year degree in Graphic Art. She has worked for museums and temporary exhibitions. I attended “Wonderland Comics” for three years and published with BeccoGiallo in 2022. I am currently finishing my first graphic novel which will be published in 2024

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