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Mad for BBQ comes to life in 2010 from the passion of three friends. The name MAD, in fact, comes from the initials of the founding members, namely Michele, Andrea and Danilo… And of course, from the madness, from the passion that binds us to the world, fascinating and on the border between art, science and passion that is barbecue cooking. 

At the beginning, we had no real idea of what barbecue was: we interpreted what we had been taught by our parents, about cooking meat on the grill: large flames, a lot of smoke, and the ingredients of the classic Romagna grill: sausages, ribs, bacon, steaks on the bone and some rarities, such as kebabs, when we could find them.

Yes, because our idea of barbecue was a barbecue with friends, maybe on the beach, uncorking a few beers, eating something cooked on the grill, and partying, thinking more about fun than about what could have become a real job.

And so, with the first and rare (at the time) American-style cooking courses attended, we approached what everyone considers the real American barbecue.

Yes, because the American barbecue almost always provides for slow cooking and with the embers away from the meat on the grill. A method that has a specific name Low & Slow… that is, cooking at low temperature and slow times, thus managing to enhance the softness of the food and its flavor, also using flavored woods for a light final smoking.

In this way, typical and famous dishes are produced such as pulled pork which,  after being flavored and marinated with a mix of spices, cooks for more than 20 hours in a smoker, and which results in a meat so soft that it frays even simply with a fork; or even more amazing ribs , which are nothing more than pork ribs that are processed, flavored and cooked and smoked for more than 6 hours, giving us a meat that comes off the bone effortlessly.

The love for this world has given us the push to continue our passion and propose it to people as catering directly at home, but also in street food events around Italy.

In addition, for some years now we have also opened a place where you can taste these famous dishes in true American style.