Edizioni NPE

Edizioni NPE born in 2002, founded by Nicola Pesce. No investments, no venture capital is at the base of this publishing house: only the endless hours of work lavished on the founder since he himself wrote, drew, printed volumes until night with a personal photocopier and a printer.

The passion has paid off and over the last fifteen years the editorial staff has been enriched by the presence of Stefano Romanini, editor-in-chief and press office, and the editorial line has been defined in a more and more distinct way.

The announcement of the publication of the complete works by Sergio Toppi, Dino Battaglia, Attilio Micheluzzi, Gianni De Luca and other great authors yet to be announced, has thus allowed to launch what is now the official slogan of the Edizioni NPE: “The publishing house of the graphic novel”.


Website www.edizioninpe.it

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