Kids and family area

In the wonderful location of the Piazza sull’Acqua, immersed in the greenery of the Marecchia park, an area dedicated to children and their families is set up.

In a natural environment, around a colorful circus tent and surrounded by cartoon-themed installations, there will be events, Meet & Greet, animated film screenings, creative workshops, games, child-friendly shows.

The program includes:

I DinsiemE

The Lilliputian gang

Magicherie: Magic show for children

Scombussolo games for everyone

The magical world of princesses

La Gaiobanda e le magie di sabbia by Mauro Masi

Miwa cartoon cover band

Fleet of Vega Cartoon Cosplay Band

XII Cartoon Kids Award

From 12 to 15 July at the Cinema Tiberio will take place the Cartoon Kids Award.

To award the Cartoon Kids Award for films aimed at an audience between 6 and 11 years old, is an original jury of children from primary school and who attend the summer camps of the city.

Armed with good will, a pencil and a sheet of paper, where they can report their votes and evaluations, they go to the Tiberius cinema and after watching the films in competition they assign their preferences.