Alfredo Castelli – source Wikipedia

As in past years, also in 2022 Riminicomix will host Alfredo Castelli, cartoonist known to the general public as the creator of Martin Mystère but author of many other characters and collaborator of many newspapers loved by the public: from Diabolik to Zagor, from the Corriere dei Ragazzi to the Giornalino.

Alfredo Castelli’s life is literally dedicated to comics: his work in this field began at the age of eighteen and (luckily) showed no sign of stopping. In these decades he has given us dozens of characters and works ranging from comics to essays, but he has also been a television author, creator of commercials, film screenwriter, journalist, essayist and comic book historian.

2022 is a special year for Alfredo Castelli because his Omino Bufo turns 50: 50 years of a crazy, desecrating, horribly wonderful character.

The Omino Bufo (funy little man) is deliberately drawn very badly and just as deliberately says things that do not make you laugh, but is surrounded by characters who laugh at his jokes, as in a comedy from junk television.

Riminicomix 2022 will be an opportunity to hear from the voice of Alfredo Castelli how the character of the Omino Bufo was born, what led to the extreme aesthetic and communicative choices that characterize him and that have been the forerunners of many characters who have followed this line.

Come and meet Alfredo Castelli and his Omino Bufo at Riminicomix 2022 from 14 to 17 July in the historic location of Federico Fellini Park in Rimini!