"Our brother of Assisi": San Francesco in Comics

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"Our brother of Assisi": San Francesco in Comics

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A selection of the best authors, from Caprioli to Altan passing for Marvel
On display in the cloister of the monastery of Santa Croce Villa Verucchio on the occasion of the Feast of Forgiveness

SFrancesco illustration SALVAGNO lowVerucchio (Rimini), July 30, 2015 – An exhibition itinerary dedicated to Saint of Assisi. An original version of his life and his extraordinary spiritual experience through a new reading comics. This is the proposal of the exhibition Our brother of Assisi. San Francesco comic, Organized by the Cartoon Club festival in collaboration with Water Team, which will be inaugurated Saturday, August 1 Villa Verucchio in the cloister of the Convent of the Friars Minor (free admission), at the Feast of St. Francis Forgiveness.
The exhibition presents a selection of comics from around the world on the life and works of the saint of Italy. An original and fascinating excursus, proposed in several paintings, which builds on the Italian comic postwar history, legend and fascination, as in the case of large Franco Caprioli and "The Legend of the white stone" published on the Victorious (1963). A meeting in the pencil point with the experience of St. Francis have followed, with accents and different ways, Giacinto Gaudenzi and Francesco Gamba, A young but skilled Gianni De Luca, Renato Frascelli, Gino Gavioli and the most contemporary Alberto Azzimonti the Simone Delladio. It's 1980 St. Francis, brother of universe from Marvel: produced by the legendary John Buscema and written by Marie SeverinThe comic is inspired by Zeffirelli film Brother Sun, Sister Moon but suffers from the superhero publisher vein. Finally, one can not come to terms with the work of Dino Battaglia, The result of a "softly uncertain sign between dream and reality, restless and meticulous," and immersed in a religion "However that may satisfy even a layman, because there is first of all sees the effort to understand and squeeze in a totalizing system of the universe, or what you will, creation."
SFrancesco Battestini p 74The exhibition on San Francesco in the comics, also includes the work of the famous Altan, Who has also done much to discuss for his portrayal of the saint and not only iconographic, in addition to the very recent versions of Luca Salvagno (Very good author, heir to Jacovitti of Cocco Bill, which for the Poverello of Assisi also winks at Battaglia) and Roberto BattestiniThe Pescara author repeatedly Prize Winner “Faith in Strips” held in Rimini for a religious facility comic.
An absolute novelty is the section dedicated to Santa Chiara, Also a proposal to comics and in an ever more intense in recent years. Several authors have focused on the lives and choices of religious, Collaborator Francis of Assisi and founder of the Clarisse nuns, Canonized in 1255 by Alexander IV in Cathedral of Anagni and declared by Pio XII (In 1958) holy patroness of television and telecommunications.

The exhibition “Our Brother of Assisi. Story of an experience of God” opens Saturday, August 1 and It will remain open until 31 August in the cloister of the convent of Friars Minor of Santa Croce Villa Verucchio.
A “short guide” exhibit is free to visitors.

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