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Meetings, drawings, screenings, tributes to Freely, the leisure fair. Arrive with a copy, enter free.

It is the longest running character Italian paper, second only to fellow Tex stable for seniority for the odyssey. And for Zagor, the character created by Sergio Bonelli and Gallienus Ferri, 2015 is a remarkable year. And Rimini is getting ready to celebrate it within Freely, the leisure fair, game and hobby (, With a preview Cartoon Club / Riminicomix, at 16 pm on Sunday 19 April.

Zagor and 2015 record

The necklace Zenith (The one that currently publishes the episodes of the regular series) celebrates the fifty-fifth year of life, having made his debut in 1960, and for fifty of these hosted uninterruptedly the events of Spirit with the Hatchet (From 1965 to the present). This is certainly one of the necklaces comic longest in the world. Monthly registers of the King of Darkwood reach, in July, share 600: Another milestone with few equals, celebrated with a special edition full color. "Moreover, in the second half of the year, we will have the return of the most anticipated enemy and required by all readers: that of Professor Slopes " ensures Moreno Burattini, the curator of the head.


The Historical collection Colour on newsstands in conjunction with The Republic, definitely will go back again for a few months, and determine the success of a series that has gone beyond all expectations (had left preventivando 30 numbers, however, exceed the go 165). Of this, the surprises, the gadgets, special publications, the major foreign editions, multimedia initiatives and non-fiction, and new extraordinary adventures of Zagor, will speak Sunday, April 19, at Rimini Fiera Linden Hall, with Moreno Burattini (curator series and writer), and Gianni Sedioli, that the return of Hellingen expected next autumn, will be the designer.


Zagor Zoo KaufmanThe appointment on Sunday, April 19 (16:00), entitled "Zagor, the Spirit with the Hatchet: the adventure continues towards 600 numbers ... and beyond", includes live drawings, projections and meetings with Moreno Burattini ( writer and editor of the series) and Gianni Sedioli (designer), introduced by Paolo Guiducci (director of Fumo di China).
Zagoriane postcards, comics and magazines will be distributed free to the participants while supplies last.
Accompanies the encounter, the exhibition of comic pages and covers: "My name is Hellingen".
Un omaggio straordinario a tutti gli appassionati zagoriani che vogliono partecipare all’incontro. Chi si presenta alla cassa dell’ingresso OVEST della Fiera di Rimini, via Riparotta n. 152 angolo via Turchetta, con una copia del numero di aprile 2015 di Zagor, il n 648, “Lo zoo di Kaufman”, ENTRA GRATUITAMENTE.


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