The charming setting of Castel Sismondo this year is hosting the exhibition
J. R. RTolkien, between comics and cartoons
An exhibition that brings to Rimini the fantasy world born from the imagination of the English writer…

J. R. R. Tolkien between comics and cartoon” is the first exhibition in Italy which tells how the life and works of the author Lord of the Rings e what Hobbit, abbiano nel tempo contagiato anche il mondo dei fumetti e quello dei cartoon. Il visitatore potrà così scoprire cosa possa accomunare il professore di Oxford a fumetti come Topolino, Zagor, Dylan Dog, Nathan Never e Avengers o cartoon come i Simpson, Rat-Man o i Griffini solo per citarne alcuni. Un viaggio fatto di riferimenti, ma anche citazioni memorabili, o parodie come quella di Leo Ortolani oppure Zannablu. E ancora scoprire come il professor Tolkien sia addirittura entrato nelle storie da protagonista o comparsa. L’esposizione, inoltre, presenta i celebri fumetti realizzati da Luis Bermejo o David Wenzel, ma anche quelli pubblicati negli anni ’80 in Bulgaria, e poi in Giappone, Islanda, Belgio e Olanda. La mostra, promossa in collaborazione con la Tolkieniano Collection e l’Associazione Collezionisti Tolkieniani Italiani, vedrà anche visite e incontri coordinati dall’autore e collezionista Oronzo Cilli.

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For centuries, the dragons are fantastic creatures par excellence, a symbol of power that led to the legend.

That dragon, fearsome fire-breathing animal, is a constant presence in Italy and Europe. Part of a study on this ancient tradition in our country is almost entirely forgotten, the exhibition by Davide Frisoni aka FRIBA Art, which through a personal picture research, brings to public attention the Italian Draghi.

Memories are lost in time, legends from the boundaries are not well defined, back to life in 21 new works that retrace the footsteps, not dragons any but the well-documented cases (including the over one hundred hypothesized in Italy), of which survive abundant evidence in the environment, in place names, art, traditions and collective imagination, whose stories have been passed down orally and in rare cases in the written form, where the remains and bones attributed to them and stored in several Italian cities still tell of their passage.

The search for David starts from Rimini, home to one of the most beautiful legends of the Dragon of Belvedere, which some bones were visible in a small country church, building died in the bombing of '44 and, with it, too the remains attributed to the monster.

But the history of our country is full of knights, captains of fortune and Saints who have hunted, killed or silenced these creatures ancient and maestosema, attention, today the dragons are back and are "alive" than ever, thanks to the great success of fantasy fiction, film, video game, but if you really want to meet them, discover their origins, look at them straight in the eye you'll have to reach the magnificent Castel Sismondo in Rimini, because it is within these walls that have found a safe hiding place and only here they will show to those who have the courage to call them by name.


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Assassin's Creed: The Videogame between literary fiction and historical reconstruction

Una cospirazione vecchia quanto la Storia, dove la linea tra il bene e il male non è sempre chiara. Assassin’s Creed, la serie firmata da Ubisoft e acclamata in tutto il mondo, porta alla luce protagonisti audaci e anticonvenzionali e ambientazioni virtuali estremamente realistiche e convincenti. Assassin’s Creed scava a fondo nella Storia e ci restituisce l’immagine più vera delle epoche passate, frutto di un’accurata ed coerente ricostruzione dell’architettura e del paesaggio, ma anche del linguaggio e delle usanze sociali e antropologiche del nostro passato.
Through a series of discussions on the settings, the legends and the protagonists of our own history, appearing faithfully reproduced within the various chapters of the series, the exhibition presents itself as a guide to the endless and ever-changing world of Assassin's Creed, dragging the visitors in 'universe of the series, discovering developments, the background and the historical references, in a thematic path between historical reality and fiction.







travel stories and hopes, and migrant fishermen

Comics are one of the most fascinating ways to travel by standing firm. And the water, errant material par excellence, departure, route and point of arrival, is one of the elements which have been told by the speakers clouds. The beach as relaxation and as a destination, navigating on the oceanic expanses, or the mysteries of the deep ocean, the sea has inspired generations of cartoonists. From the most famous sailor of the comic world, Corto Maltese, the forbidden port of Teresa Radice and Stefano Turconi, the exhibition offers an exciting navigation in the history of the ninth art.

The exhibition has the honor to present inside the traveling exhibition "On the same boat; the world of comics meets peoples fleeing "created a cultural association" Fumettomania Factory "with the intent to focus attention on the dramatic events related to migration, in particular those involving the territory of Lampedusa.
The initiative is designed after the tragic events of October 3, 2013 in which more than 360 survivors lost their lives off the coast of Lampedusa.

Cartoon Club and Fumettomania Factory believe in the expressive potential of comics in the service of a just cause, and hopes to contribute with this event to raise awareness about the issue of migration and fleeing people.



The Simpsons – The art behind the scenes

Galli Theater – July 17 to 23

The yellow Simpsons are the protagonists of "The Simpsons: the art behind the scenes", A spectacular exhibition of more than 100 original sketches and used to produce the popular Fox series in the picturesque setting of the Theater Galli, in the historic center of Rimini

The appointment must for all fans, arrives in the very year of the thirtieth anniversary of I Simpson and allows you to discover the creative acts of the artists who create the stories from 1987 records the TV serial (goal now in the crosshairs: season number 30 and 669 episodes) invented by Californian cartoonist Matt Groening – of which the exhibition presents various original autographed – and animated from the first episode by director David Silverman. In Italy, the series took off on 1 October 1991 in the late evening on Channel 5.

These are the words with which the creator and curator of the event, the expert on animated films Federico Fiecconi, Introduces the exhibition visit:

It all began April 19, 1987, when the variety TV The Tracey Ullman Show aired That first cartoon of a minute. Good night, Co-directed by David Silverman, presented to the public The SimpsonsThe dysfunctional family conceived by the then thirty-three Matt Groening for Fox TV. Legend has it that our heroes were conceived in a hurry in an attempt to protect the rights of the comic where Groening was jealous, Life in HellNo one could imagine that this intuition would rise to the US animated series longest ever, with a record long history of 30 years, 669 episodes and a feature film – directed by Silverman – able to break through the roof of the $ 500 million box office worldwide.

It would be impossible to understand the "Simpsons" phenomenon without going behind the scenes of the machine from the show that made them famous. The yellow coloring devised because the public thought of having a faulty TV; family dynamics of Homer, greedy and irresponsible father Bart, incorrigible brat; the overflowing imagination with which over the years has designed the colorful cast of the series… inventions de I Simpson They are the expression of a creative team led by Matt Groening, James L. Brooks and Al Jean. David Silverman, 89 director of the first episode of the regular series is still one of the key talents of this extraordinary adventure.

This exhibit shows the public the art of I Simpson e comprende rari e preziosi materiali di produzione disegnati nell’era dell’animazione tradizionale su carta, prima che molti dei processi diventassero digitali grazie alla computer animation. Un “labor of love” che impegna i creativi di Fox Animation per almeno sei mesi su ogni episodio di mezz’ora. In esposizione, 100 pezzi provenienti da collezioni private e mai esposti in pubblico: dai bozzetti dei personaggi, agli sfondi di casa Simpson e di Springfield, agli storyboard che descrivono agli artisti scene e dialoghi da animare, fino ai rodovetri finali dipinti a mano su acetato. Ci sono anche alcuni significativi esempi di prodotti su licenza da collezione. The Simpson – art behind the scenes is a creative act unprecedented look behind the TV show, to meet with key players of the extraordinary collective work of Groening & C.

"The Simpsons: the art behind the scenes" collects a vast number of drawings on paper, Over 80, coming from years of production in which even the pencil had not yet been replaced by tablets, or until the nineteenth season of the series. That is so exposed in frame sketches and sketch with the study of the environments of Springfield and the house of The Simpsons, to encompass the bedroom, the kitchen and the famous couch. Then storyboard, Which display the scenes one after the other before they are drawn in layout securing the position of the machine to be taken, and the framing of the characters. Here paraded in various poses the protagonists of the Simpson family, including his grandfather, the dog Santa's Little Helper, the cat Snowball II ... and gradually the other characters, as Krusty the Clown to evil Mr. Burns, including all supporting cast of the Simpsons world.

The signature of the creator Matt Groening It is to be found on a complete end scene final cels, on a "group photo" of the main heroes and a snowman Bart autographed on the head. On display there are also examples of licensed products, Including the rare first sticker album Panini complete in all its parts, a set of figurines from one of the first promotions of the Burger King menu in the early 90s, and a dart board autographed by all key members of the firm Californian animation. Exposed also newer products of home lines Egan.

The exhibition curated by Federico Fiecconi, Old friend of the Festival Cartoon Club Rimini, is made by the agency Milan graphic design GraFFiti Media Factory, And it was prepared in consultation with the Fox Studios, making it an event with all the charisma of officialdom: the approval by the Parent graphic announces the show with a resounding "D'oh! Which shows! " Homer Simpson, which is echoed by the irreverent Bart that snaps in a characteristic "Ciucciati the exhibition." The Simpsons very expert and curator of projects at WOW Spazio Fumetto Milan Alberto Brambilla He has amicably supported the critical work necessary for the identification and description of the materials.

Mark and Alessandro Fiecconi They have carried out the archival research and the work necessary to order showcasing material from their own family collection, plus other loans including the primary one, the collection of Gianni Bonifacci.

The exhibition is free entry and it can be visited without the need for reservations.

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The Cultural Circle Photo ACLI of Rimini has accepted the invitation to present CARTOON CLUB – in photographic appearance – the meeting between objective and ideas that belong to the world of the strips, the protagonists of the animated film.
A "challenge" is not easy to deal with as there is in play something well known dadiverse generations…
The photographers of the club did so by stimulating the imagination and also the contact with reality (there are comics terribly present), producing images and compositions originalidove the viewer can identify or dream, to be taken from the colors or otherwise think. All the photographs on display were performed without digital processing, film or live with handmade instruments chosen by the author.



Itinerario espositivo dedicato al Poverello di Assisi nel Convento dei Frati Minori di Villa Verucchio (RN). A cura del Festival Cartoon Club in collaborazione con Water Team, l’iniziativa celebra la Festa del Perdono di Assisi che ricorre ogni anno nei giorni del 1° e 2 agosto con un’originale rilettura a fumetti della vita del Santo e della sua straordinaria esperienza spirituale.


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