Monday 17 21:00 – Castel Sismondo – “How I…”

The show ” How I… ” loosely based on the famous story “The little Mermaid”, Presents a protagonist teenager struggling with a choice of conflict…… the world to which it belongs and the world who would like to belong and the dramatic to give up something of himself, his voice, in order to become another person and meet the love of his life.
And in the end everything is resolved, allowing the two different souls of being and finally live combining the two worlds from which they come.
This is the basis of the show which involves the Orchestra “Medium wave” of classes specializing in music and theater workshop of the Middle School “D.Alighieri” Rimini, with the dances choreographed by the Dance School “Aulos”.

Saturday, July 22 22:00 Main Stage – Piazzale Fellini

I Miwa formed in 1999 to join the legendary animated series soundtracks to dance rhythms of ska, rocksteady, reggae, disco and punk'n'roll. After a long and arduous apprenticeship, the Miwa able to establish itself in 2006 to Lucca Comics & Games Best Cartoon Tribute Band. The Miwa reproduce the famous animated characters with totally different arrangements and varied, adding that originality and that fighting spirit which allowed them to start a fruitful collaboration with leading agencies for performances in Italy (including JamForLive e Union Sound). Each song is an invention of Grosseto for these guys. A different arrangement for each piece, tempo changes, continuous changes typically short, all signs a personality able to transport the audience in a cheerful journey back in time

Among the most important concerts we include various live where They have a duet with Cristina D'Avena and Giorgio Vanni. They also produce studio theme songs and jingles for television stations, radio and events (Radio DEE JAY, Radio M2O, Radio Cartoons, Castel Comicsthe program 80nostalgia).


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