New edition for Animated Film Festival, comics and games in Rimini, Which doubles the locations, increasing the offer and becoming even more eventful.

His soul Animated Film Festival on again in the elegant and evocative location of Castel Sismondo, The heart of the historic center of Rimini, with a closer programming to the world of animation and comics, seen from the inside, with screenings, meetings with authors, previews, exhibitions, presentations and engaging Aperitoon.
While the soul more playful and commercial, will return as always in the historic Parco Fellini, in the heart of Marina Centro of Rimini and Italy the heart of summer, with live concerts, Cosplay Convention, Film premieres and an unmissable trade show RiminiComix.

Cartoon Club Rimini
the extraordinary Italian festival dedicated to the world of animation and comics, shame it did not.




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