Signor Rossi Award

Dedicated to the animated films produced by students of Italian and foreign animation schools.
XXII Edition – 2018

Il Premio “Signor Rossi” è dedicato ai film d’animazione prodotti dagli studenti delle scuole di cinema d’animazione o di corsi di specializzazione in animazione. Le scuole hanno l’obiettivo di coltivare talento e creatività, competenze artistiche e tecniche per l’industria dell’animazione e preparano i propri studenti ad un mestiere che oggi si svolge tenendo conto di tutte le tecniche di animazione attualmente usate. Un percorso che si avvale dell’insegnamento di materie come disegno, illustrazione e animazione tradizionale. In questi istituti si formano i giovani professionisti dotati di una conoscenza globale del processo creativo e produttivo del film d’animazione e di competenze specifiche per inserirsi nel mercato del lavoro con particolare riferimento a: CGI 2d e 3D, stop motion, character e production design, scenografia per l’animazione, storytelling/storyboard, compositing e animazione di effetti, regia d’animazione.
A Cartoon Club a prestigious international jury, consisting of five members, awards a cash prize worth 1200 Euros winning author, as well as the famous statuette of Mr. Rossi is also sent to the school that presents the best production.
Many students that this year they have sent their works. Overall, the movie (often these diploma essays), present a huge variety in the techniques used and the issues addressed by demonstrating the validity of the faced educational paths.

Here is the complete list of the works selected for the 2017 edition:



The University of Melbourne, Victorian College of the Arts

Entangled Jenae Hall – Australia, 2016


THE SKY BETWEEN US Anastasia Dyakova – Australia, 2016



University of Applied Arts

ALBERT Felix Weisz – Austria, 2016



University of Appllied Arts Vienna

WAY HOME Silvia Knödlstorfer – Austria, 2017



Bulgarian National Film Center

THE STORM Ina Georgieva – Bulgaria, 2017


National Academy for Theatre and film Arts

TERROR ERROR Alexander Nachev – Bulgaria, 2017

UNFAIRY TALE Mina Zlateva – Bulgaria, 2016



The Melhoppenheim School of Cinema

THE LEAF STORY Tia Joseph – Canada, 2017





FAMO Film Academy of Miroslav Ondricek

LURING LIGHT Mykyta Karpov – Czech Republic, 2017



TURKU AMKM, University of Applied Sciences

Onionskin Reetta Elviira Halkosaari - Finland, 2016




Bellecour School

NEVER WITHOUT MY DENTURE Hugo Favre – France, 2016


Ecole Georges Melies

AGENT SMITH- PHANTOMS OF THE PAST Florian Titone, Florian Pasquier, Simon Duong Van Huyen, Elsa Clidi – France, 2016

Bluenote Felix Lambert Heloise Dorsan-Rachet, Amadine Pagnon Quentin Collet – France, 2016

DIVE WITH THE SUN Mo Bao, Marine Le Borgne, Sisley De Cruz – France, 2016

KEBAB ROMANCE Ersan Musa, Colin Huard, Helene Guillem – France, 2016

THE LATE BIRD GETS THE WORLD Giovanni Anthony, Benjamin Guillon, Quentin Laurent, Thibaut Denise – France, 2016

TWO WORLDS Maxime Templé Faustine Dumontier Cécile De Gantès Leah Chervet

France, 2016


Superior School of Artistic Trades

On forever Benoit Madeleine, Clement Guihard, Clément Poulain, Guillaume Letourneur, Raphaël Bellino – France, 2016

ASTERIA Alexandre Arpentinier Mathieu Blanchys Lola Grand Tristan Lamarca, Thomas Lemaille, Jean-Charles Lusseau – France, 2016



EnsAD, National School of Decorative Arts

THE LUTHIER Gehannin Guillaume – France, 2016


Esaat Upper School Applied Arts And Textile – Prod. Camera ETC

MANOLO Ringot Abel – France, 2017


ESMA Superior School of Artistic Trades


FAREWELL Leon Vidmar – France, 2016

INDEX 50 Joseph Guené Alexander BELMUDES Damien Key Sylvain Amblard, Mégane Fumel, Matthew Peters-Houg – France, 2016

Aviator Jacques Leyreloup Victor Tolila Perrine Renard, Laura Viver Canal, Gaël Chauvet – France, 2016

THE COURT Estelle Costedoat Antoine Engels Julien Fradin, Florian Gourdin, Pierre-Edouard Mérien Olivier Royer – France, 2016

LUXNA Anthony Bonnard Abdelkader Alihadef Juliette Dominguez, Timothé Claeys, Hugo Falaize, Vincent Barré – France, 2016

METRO MELI-Alexandre Blain, Lucas Germain, Christophe Gigot, Jade Guilbault, Andreas Muller, Simon Puculek – France, 2016

NOT’ NOT Charline Arnoux, Mylène Gapp, Léa Rubinstayn Florian Heilig, Mélissa Roux France, 2016

Swiff Alexis Agliata, Théo Bonora, Arnaud Bellour Thibaud Gambier, Juliana Berckmans, Romain Lavoine – France, 2016

THE LEGEND OF RURIK Jérémie Baumstark, Rachel Busquet, Guillaume Delpech, Kevin Lestrade, Pablo-Zaccharie Marin, Anthony Martinet – France, 2016

THE PASSENGER Orlane® Brouillet, Claire D'interni, Antoine Marry Lucie Martinetto, Réda Mehleb Eva Seyeux - France, 2016


Fabien Collet, Fanny De Carvalho, Arnaud Douzal, James Nardelli, Lea Rossi, Zarah Towey – France, 2016


Sainte Genevieve Institut

The Warlis, An Indian Tribe – The tale of the arrogant Warli who was pretending not to like honey Noëlie Delesse – France, 2016

A SMALL DIFFERENCE Chloé Dumoulin – France, 2016


Objective 3D Animation School


CROSSBREED 20 students – France, 2016

WHAT THE FUR?! 11 students – France, 2016


Pole III D Ecole d’Animation


AGENT AIDEN – THE PLANET OF SLAVES Martin Lambert, Laurent Beghin – France, 2016

DEATH BRINGER Alexis Pinot – France, 2016

ENTER THE BAPTYSPHERE Louise Duveau – France, 2016

HOT TRAISON Quentin Barutaut – France, 2016



France – Rubika International School of Design



Brodelle Claire, Cindy Kinadjian, Morgan Marinos Clarisse Valeix – France, 2016

RESISTANCE zucchini Idri Melissa Benoit Lecailtel Ivana Ngamou, Como Balguerie

France, 2016


Supinfocom Rubika Schoolimation


CHARLIE'S BUCK TEETH Esther Lalanne, Xing Yao, Valentin Sabin, Camille Verninas, Chao-Hao Yang – France, 2016



Berlin- Academy of Arts

FILMPHILOSOPHY Valentin Wojtaszkiewicz – Germany, 2015


Germany – Bard College Berlin

ALIEN GARDENS Andrea Riba – Germany, 2016


Bauhaus Universitat Weimar

PROMETHEUS INDUSTRIES Amr Kamel, Jonas Grund – Germany, 2017

SHADOWFOX Damaris Zielke – Gemany, 2016


Film Academy Baden-Wurttemberg

CHILD Viktor Stickel – Germany,2016

Ask Andres Citipati – Germany, 2017

LOS MARICHIS Guy Shahaf, Nina Prange – Germany, 2016

NIGHT SPINNING Yi Luo – Germany, 2017

SHINE Johannes Flick, Alexander Dietrich – Germany, 2015


Filmuniversitat Babelsberg Konrad Wolf

BABA & SON – IN THE HAMAM Deniz Zagli Germany, 2016

CLEANING DAY Veronica Solomon – Germany, 2016


Hochschule Hannove University of Applied Sciences and Arts

ARTHUR – THE STRAY DOG Irina Moroz, Sebastian Fischer – Germany, 2017



AKTO College of Arts and Design – in partnership with Middlesex University of Lodon

CLIPBOARD Cathy Loudi – Greece, 2016


Ionian University – department of Audio Visual Arts

ABSORBED Dimitris Armenakis – Greece, 2017


TEL – Tecnological Educational Institute of Athens

RE.MURDERED Gregory Giannakopoulos – Greece, 2016



Budapest Metropolitan University

PUSH Reka Anna Szakály – Hungary, 2016




St. Xavier College Kolkata

Tumling STREET Rimbik Das certain Ghosh – India, 2016




BINUS, Bina Nusantara University

OH-BEY Gloria Abigail Haryono – Indonesia, 2017



Documentary and Experimental Film Center

RUMOR Leila Nouroozy – Iran, 2016

THE SWITCHMAN Mehdi Khorramain – Iran, 2016




National Film School

THE LAST LEAF Olya Golubeva – Ireland, 2016



Bezalel Academy Of Arts And Design Jerusalem

BOTTLES Danielle Rabinovitz – Israel, 2016



Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna

BLACK HOLES Chiara Martinelli – Italy, 2017

LOST Chiara Martinelli – Italy, 2016


Experimental Cinematography Center Piedmont, Animation (National Film School)

BLUE AND MIDORI Elena Garofalo, Marta Giuliani, Laura Piunti Italy, 2017

EVA Chiara Card – Italy, 2017

HUMUS Simone Cirillo, Simone Di Rocco, Dario Livietti, Alice Tagliapietra – Italy, 2017

CAB Ginevra Lanaro, Federica Di Leonardo- Italy, 2017

THE STOLEN MOON Vittorio Massai, Dario Lo Verme – Italy, 2016


Event Horizon School of Turin

ENGINE OF TIME Ilenia Locci – Italy, 2015


University of Fine Arts Roma

THE CINEMATOGRAPHE LUMIERE Maria Francesca Silvestri – Italy, 2015

IED – European Institute of Design

LOVORPHOSIS Grasso Roberto, Irace Sara – Italy, 2017

MOUSE PATROL Aliaksandra Shabouta – Italy, 2017



Tokyo University of the Arts, School of Film and New Media

RADIO WAVE Ryotaro Miyajima – Japan, 2016



University Digital Arts

ALL YOU CAN EAT Paulina Galindo Figueroa, Jose Manuel Perez Dominguez Mexico, 2017



HKU University of the Arts Utrecht

LIFELESS Max van der Ree, Bas Jansen, Fokke Mars – Netherlands, 2016

WHERE’S RONALD? Jorn Leeuwerink, Robin Aerts, Emma van Dam – Netherlands, 2016


SAE Institute in Amsterdam

THE LETTER Winston Catarroja – Netherlands, 2016



Toulouse Lautrec Institute

FLIPPING OUT Dafne De Vinatea – Peru, 2016



High School in Wroclaw (pl. No. XIII High School in Wroclaw)

BLUE INVENTOR Jonasz Wiewiór – Poland, 2017

University of Arts in Poznan

Wintertime training / GRIM TRAINING Ala nunu Leszynska – Poland , 2016

Leon Schiller National Higher School of Film, Television and Theatre in Łódź

LOCUS Anita Kwiatkowska – Poland, 2016

OH MOTHER! Paulina Ziolkowska – Poland, 2017

THE ADVISERS OF KING HYDROPS Natalia Brozynska – Poland, 2017


Polish Film Institute

EVEN THE HORIZON Michal Orzechowski – Poland, 2017



Russian State University of Cinematography and Animation

THE PAIN Nadya Fedotova- Russia, 2016

St. Peterburg State Institute of Cinema and Television

ATTRACTIVE FORCE Mariya Konopatova – Russia, 2015


VGIK – Moscow

THE BEARD Sofya Badalova – Russia, 2015


3dsense Media School

CHOP CHOP Tay Yi Chong – Singapore , 2016

THE CHRISTMAS STAR Samuel Lee Wei Kang- Singapore, 2017


Nanyang Technological University, School of Art, Design and Media

EAT, PRAY, BIRD Teo Jia Ming, Jeremy – Singapore, 2016



Ikaroa Escuelade Animacion Experimetal

BOB, THE IMAGINARY FRIEND Jorge Turell Yarur – Spain, 2017



Ceruleum School of Visual Arts

THE RED EYE Hasan Hulaj , Stéphan Nappez, Nicolas Moreau – Switzerland, 2016

Hochschule Luzern, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts

ES MU Z’ANG Lalita Brunner Fela Bellotto – Switzerland, 2016

IMMERSION Lalita Brunner -Switzerland, 2016



Chaoyang University of Techonology

RETOUCH Yi-shan Wang, Yu-Ru Lin, Yi-Hsuan Lee, Xiao-Han Huang, Ya-Yuan Hsu – Taiwan, 2017

TRICK OR TREE Ya-Yun Cheng - Taiwan, 2017



Anadolu University,Faculty of Fine Arts

Cansu Karaman INVOLVED – Turkey , 2017

Selfish, Cansu Karaman - Turkey 2016



Birmingham City University

THE CURSE OF THE WERE-RAT Jan Julian Rospond – United Kingdom, 2016


National Film and Television School

DON’T THINK OF A PINK ELEPHANT Suraya Raja – United kingdom, 2017

HOMEGROWN Quentin Haberham – United Kingdom, 2017

LETHE Kat Michaelides – United Kingdom, 2016

Kingston University of London

SWAMP WITCH Billy Huntington – United Kingdom, 2017

Leeds Beckett University, Northern Film School

KRAMPUS James Gandy – United Kingdom, 2017

Northeastern’sCollege of Arts Media and Design

THE DREAM GUARDIAN Trevor Hewitt – United Kingdom, 2017

Royal College of Art

BIG FINDS A TRUMPET Dan Castro – United kingdom, 2017

Sheffield Hallam University

BUGCATCHER Elliot Luke Train – United Kingdom, 2016

SOLENT Southampton University

A GAME OF CAT AND MOUSE Eleanor Paine – United Kingdom, 2015

A JOKER IN THE PACK Chris Allwright – United Kingdom, 2017

A MOTHERS LOVE Samuel Hill -United Kingdom, 2016

A DANCE WITH THE DEVIL Ramona Achim – United Kingdom, 2015

Adnexa oculi Ana Camelia Cojan – United Kingdom, 2016

PORTAL Steffen Ryberg Pedersen – United Kingdom, 2016

SSSHHH Emma Payne – United Kingdom, 2015

THE DEATH OF A TOASTER Kara Church – United Kingdom, 2015

THE GIRL AND THE GHOST Lina Kuula – United Kingdom, 2015

WINGLESS Ashleigh Campbell – United Kingdom, 2016

UCA University for the Creative Arts Farnham

ONE TOO MANY Sinead Stoddart – United Kingdom, 2015

Ulster University

TO THE MOON Rhea Hanlon, Phillip Mcdowell, Ryan Beatty, Gianni Francesco De Giuseppe – United Kingdom, 2016



University of East London

THE ECLIPSE Kayliegh Daly – United Kingdom, 2017

University of the Arts London

THE BOX Merve is Cirisogl Cote – United Kingdom, 2016


University of the Arts London, Central Saint Martins

LEAVE A PRINT Christina S. Nerland – United Kingdom, 2016


University of Westminster

DREAMCAUGHT Natasza Cetner – United Kingdom, 2015

THE THREE TAILS FROM ALEXANDRIA Natasza Cetner – United Kingdom, 2016




Chapman University, Dodge College of Film and Media Arts

MÓR Lisa Wu, A. Bowen Welles – USA, 2016

SHEEP DEPRIVED Stacy E. Coakley – USA, 2016

Massachusetts College of Art and Design

LIGHTS OUT Lillian Goldschmidt – USA, 2016

Pratt institute, Department of Digital Arts

KRAMER Chrisitna Avagliano – USA, 2017

THIEF Charlotte Lesnick – USA, 2017

Academy of Art University of San Francisco

STARS Han Zhang – USA, 2016

CalArts, California Institute of the Arts

MATSYA Sandeepan Chanda – USA, 2017

THE COOK-OFF Hanna Cho – USA, 2016

College for Creatives Studies

LIVING WITH DOG Johanna Oswald – USA, 2016


Ringling College of Art

BARELY THERE Hannah Lee – USA, 2017

EXTINGUISHED Ashley Anderson, Jacob Mann USA, 2017

HORSE DAD Anna Hudzik – USA, 2017

IN A HEARTBEAT Beth David, Esteban Bravo – USA, 2017




RIT School of Film and Animation

BLUE Maryam Farahzadi – USA, 2016

SCAD University for Creative Careers

SWARM Sarah Sun, Angela Wong – USA, 2016

The South Carolina Homeschool Accountability Association

FROM DOGS TO WOLVES Azure Allen – USA, 2017

UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television

ALVIN THE ANT Zehao Xue – USA, 2016

USC University of Southern California, School of Cinematic Arts

CAPTURE Chenglin Xie – USA, 2016

HIGH MOON Dave Zhu – USA, 2016

KARMA – Peter Zhaoyu Zhou – USA, 2017

THE RICE Yingzong Xin – USA, 2016




CNAC Centro Nacional Autonomo de Cinematography




Ludovica Ottaviani, Anna Sireci, Maria Testa

Production-School / Producer-School:
Experimental Cinema Centre Piedmont, Animazione (National Film School)

Jade Bencivenga
cell. 3466237588


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