Franco Fossati Prize

XXXIV Cartoon Club
International Festival of Animation Cinema and Comics
Rimini, July 2018

XXII National Competition
dedicated to the works of criticism and essays on comics
produced by Italian authors

Franco Fossati Foundation

The International Festival of Animation Cinema and Comics Cartoon Club, in collaboration with the Franco Fossati Foundation and under the patronage of A.N.A.F.I. associations, Anonima Comics and Comic Strip Center "Andrea Pazienza", announces the twenty-first edition of the
dedicated to the works of criticism, history and essays on comics made by Italian authors and published in the 2017/18 biennium.

The works will be judged by a special jury consisting of five experts essayists, critics and journalists. The jury's final.

The jury will award to the author of the trophy winner of the Prize "Franco Fossati". The publisher of the winning book will be rewarded with the publication of an advertising insertion dedicated the book in question in magazines Fumo di China (published by Freecom) and Comics (published by ANAFI), as well as on the websites, newsletters and pages social networks of all employees subject mentioned here.
In addition, all participants volumes for the Prize will be published, with the cover, on the Cartoon Club 018 Festival catalog, the event on social channels and associations linked to the prize and will be announced through specific press releases.

. At the competition will put participate in works published in the period 2016/2017 in a self-publishing format (so no individual articles or essays in journals or collections; may instead contribute a volume that contains a whole collection of essays).
. The list of works enabled the Prize will be decided by a Scientific Committee made up of representatives of the Associations participating in the organization of the same prize; Then it will be up to individual publishers to accept or reject the "nomination" of their works.
. Each work must be delivered to the Prize in 6 copies (one juror, plus one for the archive of Space Wow Comics, the comic museum created in Milan by Franco Fossati Foundation) no later than 15 June 2018.
. They are not permitted works that have already participated in previous editions of the Prize.
. The authors will personally assume all liability for the content of their works.
. Participation in the competition implies unconditional acceptance of all the rules contained in this Regulation.

. Each juror will give each book a score from 1.00 to 10.00 (with the ability to use up to two decimal places so as to provide a careful and considered judgment in every detail). The votes will then be collected and their average counted by the Secretary of the Prize.
. Each juror will abstain from voting for books and essays that have collaborated even in part (with an introduction, a preface, appendix, etc.). The mathematical average of the votes of these books will be of course counted on the basis of the number of jurors who have just voted.
. The titles of the five books that receive the highest votes will be communicated to the jury, who will discuss and comment along these books. At the end of this consultation, the jury again express a vote from 1.00 to 10.00, exclusively known to the jury of the prize, which will provide the final count and to determine the winner.

Secretariat Fossati Prize: Francesca Cevoli. Cell: 348.05363343;

Cartoon Club
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